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Welcome to Willow class.

Topic Webs:

Term 1 2017-2018: The Shang Dynasty

Term 2 2017-2018: Stone Age to Iron Age

Term 3 2017-2018: Our Amazing Planet

Term 4 2017-2018: Our Amazing Planet

Term 5 2017-2018: The Vikings

Term 6 2017-2018: The Vikings

Class Contract

This year went got off to an excellent start with the children of Willow Class creating a class contract to ensure we have the best learning environment possible.

Year 3/4 Camp

The Year3/4 camp was an excellent way for the younger member of Willow to get to know one another, forge new bonds and let off some steam.

Visit from James Carter

We were very lucky to have a visit from the acclaimed poet, James carter. After delighting the whole school with an assembly, James Carter took a workshop with Willow Class. The children produced excellent pieces of work that they should be very proud of.

Outdoor learning

Everybody in Willow loves Forest School. Drawing on cross-curricular links we have made hammers, cooked pizza, pancakes and bread, made Stone Age tools as well as explored the area classifying invertebrates.


In small groups, children from Willow Class went cooking at Norton Hill. There, the specialist food technology guided them through healthy recipes. The mini tortilla pizzas and pasta salad went down especially well.

The Man Engine Artists

With the help of community artists, Willow Class designed parts of a banner that was used to greet the 36-foot tall Man Engine as he entered Radstock.
The Man Engine completed a tour of Great Britain to celebrate the mining history of England.


The children have eagerly covered a range of topics including sound, electricity, and living things. The children’s favourite was definitely making a working model of the human digestive system.


In Willow Class, mathematics is a favourite. Concrete, pictorial and abstract representations allow the children to have a deep understanding.


I am always proud of the children’s attitude to writing. They take their time to plan, draft and edit their work at editing stations before redrafting their final work.

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