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Willow Class [Years 4 & 5]

Welcome to Willow class.

Topic Webs:

Term 1 2017-2018: Stone Age to Iron Age

Term 2 2017-2018: Stone Age to Iron Age

Term 3 2017-2018: Our Amazing Planet

Term 4 2017-2018: Our Amazing Planet

Term 5 2017-2018: The Vikings

Term 6 2016-2017: Ancient Greece

Willow Class have had a fantastic year so far. In our first topic, focusing on the Shang Dynasty, we discovered ancient technologies and the children worked hard to produce brilliant oracle bones. More recently, our topic The Water Cycle and Coasts has captured the children’s imagination. We look forward to making our own models of physical coastal features as well as cross-curricular writing.

Science is a favourite in Willow Class. So far this year, we have learned about Earth and Space, creating a scale model of the solar system; we looked for patterns and links between the mass and weight of objects, using Newton metres to measure the force of gravity; and more recently we have considered living things and their habitats.


We began the New Year by making New Year resolution sticks in forest school. We continued to use and improve our whittling skills by making ‘journey sticks,’ which included wood featuring and patterns. In addition, we have been whittling wood to make spoons and craft knives. We built a mini village in the forest school area using large logs and leaves. To add to our village, we made clay pots and utensils. We have used Kelly Kettles to journey around different parts of the school grounds to make fire, hot water and hot chocolate to keep warm.


As part of the Bath Philharmonia Project, the children were given a fantastic opportunity to join the Bath Philharmonia Orchestra, in the grand Assembly Rooms, where the children were able to perform alongside the musicians. The next day, we were visited by some of the talented musicians for brilliant workshops. The children composed their own performance which we were able to show off to parents later.
We cannot believe the year is halfway through already and we look forward to the fun and learning that is yet to come.


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