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Willow Class [Years 4 & 5]

Welcome to Willow class.

Topic Webs:

Term 1 2017-2018: The Shang Dynasty

Term 2 2018-2019: The Shang Dynasty

Term 3 2018-2019: Water

Term 4 2018-2019: Water

Term 5 2018-2019: Ancient Greece

Term 6 2018-2019: Ancient Greece

Willow Class Information

  • Homework is handed out on Fridays and is due in on Tuesdays.
  • Reading Journals are to be brought into school every day and will be checked on Fridays. The expectation in Willow is that children are reading most nights but must write a journal entry at least three times every week.
  • Forest is on Wednesdays. Please ensure your children have full length sleeves and trousers for safety as well as suitable wellies or walking boots and a set of water proofs.
  • PE will be every Friday

Term 6

At the beginning of the term, we were delighted by the Year 3 and 4 concert. It was a chance to showcase the talents of the children and to celebrate individuality. More recently, the Year 5s, along with the children from Sycamore Class, wowed us all with their fantastic performance of Oliver!
This term, we also visited We the Curious for a ‘System Earth’ theme day. Through workshops and laboratory work, the children considered: What does green actually mean? What is the science behind it all? Then, Why should we care? First, the children were challenged to test their own psychic abilities in order to understand probability and the importance of large sample sizes in data collection. Next, they conducted a lab-based experiment that used data loggers to measure the warming effect of CO2. The children then contemplated how we might reduce pressures on the Earth and they each constructed a solar cooker that they took home. We were also lucky enough to view a 3D planetarium show, that delved deeper into the impact climate change may have on planet Earth. All of this, with just enough time to explore the science venue itself.

Term 5

Another packed term draws to a close with the Year 3 and 4 camp. The children had an excellent time. They played in the woods, went canoeing, barbequed and swam - all in the perfect weather. Now, the anticipation mounts amongst the Year 5s as they wait, with excitement, for their camp to the Isle of Wight.

In Forest, we have learnt how to erect shelters, lengthen our line with a European death knot and how to tie them off with a round turn and two half hitches. As well as drama and other cross curricular activities, we have also enjoyed campfire cooking!

In maths, the children have flourished, using bar models to visualise fractions. As always, they enjoyed our greater depth problem solving and outdoor maths.

In History, we have been learning about ancient Greece. As well as considering the ancient Greek democratic system and the battle of Marathon, we have made news reports about the events that lead to the end of the Trojan war. We have also been thoroughly grossed out by Percy Jackson’s account of the Greek Gods and have used his gruesome explanations to create Top Trump cards.

In science, while leaning about living things and their habitats, the children investigated asexual reproduction and have taken clippings to produce clones. We are still waiting patiently for the results!

Term 4

As we await the Easter holidays, we reflect on the exciting time we have had this term.

As always, we have had an excellent time in Forest. We have built dens, created poems about trees as well as designed a science investigation to help Michael from Kensuke’s Kingdom separate salt and sand from water.

My Learning Journey
Continuing our learning about water, the children completed a study of the Japanese artist Hokusai and created their own version of The Great Wave.

Science Week, allowed us to continue of investigations of water as well as have an exciting visit from a story teller.

Term 3

As Term 3 draws to a close, Willow class spent time reflecting on their learning journey. Everybody has really enjoyed our focus on vocabulary and has eagerly embedded it in our cross curricular writing.

In maths, we have continued to use concrete, pictorial and abstract methods to deepen our understanding of mathematical concepts. NRICH (a fantastic website to look at with your children) provides us with greater depth problem solving and reasoning.

In geography we have been considering the Water Cycle: the children have written excellent narratives, personifying a water droplet. As part of our studies, we learnt how clouds were measured, which made an excellent Forest School activity.

Forest - a firm favourite in Willow - has brought opportunities for cross-curricular learning, campfire cooking and creating tree sprites.

Term 2

In Willow, we have had a fantastic time in the run up to Christmas. In maths we have continued to enjoy learning using concrete, pictorial and abstract representations as well as outdoor maths.

As we draw to an end of our history topic the Shang dynasty, the children have wowed us with their knowledge in cross-curricular writing. We have also had great fun carrying out investigations in science to deepen our understanding of forces.

In computing as well as programming and debugging space animations and learning about keeping ourselves safe online, we have also created season’s greetings cards for our families.

As always, we have had a great time in Forest. Whether making mini beast shelters, creating clay tree sprites or role playing, emotional literacy is always the focus!

Term 1

Year 3/4 Camp

At the start of the year, we had a fantastic time on camp. As well as a barbeque and bedtime stories around the campfire we also had a movie night and spent the next day in Forest School, joined by our Year 5 classmates. A fantastic time was had by all!

Forest School

Forest is always a firm favourite in Willow. This term we have made trail sticks, whittled, cooked and continued to make discoveries with outdoor maths.


In history, we have been learning about the Shang Dynasty. As well as discovering what life was like in their social hierarchal system and learning about their beliefs, we have also made fantastic replica oracle bones out of clay.


During our exciting science lessons this term, we have been learning about Earth and space. This has given us an opportunity, in art, to practise oil pastel techniques and the children have produced superb space-themed art.

Den Building Day

As the first term drew to a close we were very lucky to have a den building day, where the whole school and many family members were able to create breath-taking dens that have captured our imaginations in play all week.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our first term together in Willow and look forward to the next with anticipation.

In Willow Class, we have had an amazing start to the new year.

Settling into our new classroom has been very exciting and we cannot wait for the adventures and discoveries this year will bring.

On Shuffle-up Day, as well as creating Passports to Willow Class and learning about how bacteria is spread, we also democratically decided upon our class contract.

On our first day back, we signed our contract to show our commitment to each other to forge the best learning environment we can!

We have already had a fantastic time in Forest. We have made Willow bracelets and learnt how to create a ‘Memory House’ – an important life skill to aid remembering a long lists of facts.


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