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Welcome to Maple class.

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Term 1 2017-2018 - Romans

Term 2 2017-2018 - Romans

Term 3 2017-2018 - Extreme Earth

Term 4 2017-2018 - Extreme Earth

Term 5 2017-2018 - Anglo-Saxons

Term 6 2015-2016 - Rivers

Winter Cooking

During the cold, winter months we cook as often as possible at Forest School. We have enjoyed cooking pancakes, fire-pizza, bread and banana-splits. Everybody enjoys learning about food hygiene as well as eating the tasty food that can be cooked, enjoyed and shared around the fire.

Mothers' Day Daffodils.

For Mothers' Day this year we utilised our Forest School skills. We started by using a bow saw to cut 2 different wooden discs. Then we vigorously sanded the wood until it was smooth enough to paint. After we had carefully painted the discs yellow, we attached them to green sticks to make our special Forest School Daffodils.

Term 2- Roman Baths 2017

Maple class had a wonderful time exploring the Roman Baths in December.

We had a tour of the historic baths, followed by workshops discovering how the Romans lived. Some of the highlights included: dressing up as Romans, creating mosaics, speaking to a Roman lady and learning about Roman architecture.

Maple Class Outdoor Learning Term 1 2017-18

We have had a brilliant start to the new school year in Maple Class. We have been keeping busy in the classroom and outdoors as well! Some of our highlights have included: harvesting Lavender and creating tactile, strong-smelling Lavender bags, and conducting a leaf-burning experiment using different coloured Autumnal leaves.

We have enjoyed creating Roman Numerals and Roman weapons, such as, spears, bows and arrows as part of our Romans topic.

Outdoor Maths

This term, we have focussed on place value in our maths lessons, including when learning outdoors. We have used materials in the world around as ‘place value counters’, we have made Roman Numerals from sticks, and we have started adding the numbers we have made together.

Year 3/4 Overnight Camping

We had a brilliant time camping overnight in late September on the Longvernal school grounds. The children enjoyed playing, exploring, and deepening friendships over a 24 hour period. Some of the highlights included: a BBQ, songs around the campfire, making bread and hot dogs around the fire, swimming and having time to relax.

Year 3/4 Tri Golf

Year 3 and year 4 participated in the small schools Tri Golf competition at Farrington Park Golf Club. All of the children enjoyed playing golf on a beautiful sunny evening. Matty won the individual prize for male player of the day!

Chelwood Camping

Year 3 and year 4 had a fantastic time camping at Chelwood. The weather was warm and the 30 acre secluded camp site was beautiful. The children rode their bikes, played, explored, canoed, swam ate, drank and even slept for a few hours! The stunning woodland provided the perfect playground for everyone. Year 3 and 4 worked well as a team, tried new activities and behaved brilliantly for the whole 3 day camp.

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Outdoor Classroom Day

On Thursday 18th May, we enjoyed joining over 1 million children around the world to take part in ’Outdoor Classroom Day’. We’re outdoors all the time at Longvernal, so it wasn’t a huge change for us. But we did enjoy being part of the important movement to get even more children learning outdoors - which really is the best classroom!

We started the day continuing to learn and understand the times tables. We found daisies, rocks and leaves were ideal in helping us make arrays - a pictorial representation of the times tables.

We practised punctuating direct speech on the playground using chunky chalks as part of our activities.

Naturally, we began to get hungry around mid-morning, so we started a fire and cooked some healthy vegetable kebabs on the fire in our Forest School area.

Next day in our writing lesson, we wrote a set of instructions explaining how to make vegetable kebabs.

3D shape (and bananas)

As part of our outdoor learning time, we have been constructing 3D shapes using cocktail sticks and mini-marshmallows. We didn't want to waste the marshmallows, so added them to some bananas and cooked them in our fire!

Angles Outdoors

As part of our Forest School time, we have been exploring angles in the natural world around us. We were searching for acute, obtuse and right angles using protractors to help us measure each angle.


Magnets is our topic in science and we have been learning to find magnetic materials in the outside environment . All the children enjoyed discovering that the magnets were attracted to the metal wire running on the inside of the climbing frame rope. We also made a compass using a floating magnet.


Maple class love writing! The children edit their writing and see how many points they have scored after each piece of extended writing. The children then like to challenge themselves to beat their previous score and achieve a new personal best score.

Football Festival at Somervale School

In March, we walked to Somervale School to be a part of the football festival. All of the children in Maple class had a great time learning new skills and enjoying the artificial turf at Somervale. By the end of the afternoon, all of the class had dribbled, passed and scored many goals!

Maple Class News

In the Autumn term, Maple class enjoyed learning outdoors. We loved having so many leaves in the school grounds, and we enjoyed making seasonal leaf art. In addition, we made excellent use of the apple press to make apple juice.

The children were skilled at making Christmas decorations using bow saws to cut wooden discs, before sanding and painting.

We had a brilliant time learning to cook popcorn around the fire and then writing step by step instructions on how to complete the process of making fire and cooking popcorn.

During circle time, we enjoyed making a web of kindness - taking turns to say something kind to one another, then passing the wool to the next person to create a web of kindness.


After Christmas, Maple class continued to enjoy learning outdoors! As our topic was rainforests, we made rainforest headdresses using the natural resources from the school grounds.
Our science topic was rocks and soil, so we made salt dough fossils, we hunted for worms and we found soils samples for different kinds of soil. In addition we made clay faces using clay we dug out from the orchard area. 
  To make hammers, we used bow saws to cut pieces of wood. We then used craft knives and pieces of wood to chisel out handles before sanding the handles to make them smooth  

We love to create excellent art work in Maple class. We used Henri Rousseau’s paintings about the rainforest as an inspiration to draw our own rainforest and animal pictures using oil pastels.

Overnight Camp & Forest Day September 2016

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