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Welcome to Maple class.

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Term 1 2018-2019: Ancient Egypt

Term 2 2018-2019: Ancient Egypt

Term 3 2018-2019: Rainforests

Term 4 2018-2019: Rainforests

Term 5 2018-2019: The UK

Term 6 2018-2019: Rivers

Hello and welcome to the Maple class web page! Take a look at all the things we have been learning about and the activities we have been doing. We enjoy learning outdoors and we love being part of the Longvernal family! We update the page regularly with photos and information, so please check-in often.

Some useful information:

  • We have Forest on Wednesday afternoons, so please remember long-sleeved clothing, waterproofs and wellies.
  • Maple class will be swimming every Friday afternoon, so please remember your swimming gear on Fridays.
  • Homework will be set each Monday and will be due in the following Monday. Please try to learn the spellings on more than one occasion. All children are expected to complete their homework, otherwise they will complete it during breaktime.
  • Children in Maple class are expected to read 3 times per week (minimum). This needs to be recorded in the KS2 reading records (green).

The teaching team in Maple this year is: Mr Thomson, Mrs Reid, Mrs Leyman, Mr Andrews and Mrs Caney. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to come and find one of us. We are looking forward to a fantastic year of learning!

Roman Baths

Maple class enjoyed their recent visit to the Roman Baths. The class were enchanted by the historic site and enjoyed learning about the unique thermal springs heating the Baths.

We had the opportunity to speak with a ‘Roman attendant’ at the side of the ‘Great Bath’ and we enjoyed quizzing her on life during Roman times. The class particularly enjoyed seeing examples of the ‘Hypocaust’ underfloor heating system. Many of the children left the Roman Baths hoping to return in the future, with one child commenting, ‘This is the best place I have ever been!’

Term 1 in Maple Class

We have had a busy, action packed start in Maple class. Year 3 and 4 enjoyed a wonderful sleepover on the Longvernal grounds early in the term. The children were brilliantly well-behaved as they played, had a BBQ dinner and gorged on s'mores around the evening bonfire. We also headed to the theatre to watch ‘Billionaire Boy’ at the Theatre Royal, Bath (See below for more information). In the classroom, Maple class have loved learning about circuits and they have been busily planning their own alarm systems to keep intruders away! During arts week, the children created heroic Roman shields and beautiful Autumnal sunflowers using pointillism. Outdoors, we’ve loved our weekly sessions in the brand new ‘Hobbit Reading House’ and we’ve had a blast in the enormous, class-sized sandpit.

Maple Class trip to Theatre Royal

Maple class recently visited the Theatre Royal in Bath to watch ‘Billionaire Boy’. The children enjoyed watching the tremendously talented actors perform the children’s story we had been studying. Billionaire Boy, written by comedian David Walliams, tells the story of Joe Spud, a boy so rich he has everything he wants… apart from a friend. This was not only a comedic story but one filled with morality and emotion. It may seem, at first glance, to be a little silly but deep down it is a lesson about how money is not the most important thing in life. The children engaged with the humour, morality and emotion of the story, which was bought to life in an engaging and inspirational manner.

Back to school

Maple class have seamlessly settled back into school at the start of term 1. The new classroom is a fantastic environment for learning and it has been a huge hit with the children. They have been enjoying learning about the Romans with Mrs Reid and they have quickly improved their times tables, using Times Tables Rock Stars. In our first forest session, we were learning how to use fire steels to make our own fires. The whole class are looking forward to the year 3 and 4 forest school sleepover in a couple of weeks at Longvernal. Watch this space for further updates…!


Year 3 and 4 ‘This is Me’ concert

Year 3 and 4 performed their own version of ‘The Greatest Showman’ marvellously well. The school hall was packed with supportive parents and family on the morning on 5th June. All of the children worked hard to learn their singing, gymnastics, dance and acting roles in the weeks leading up to the performance. A significant theme of the concert was celebrating the unique gifts, talents and make up of every member of year 3 and 4. By the end of the performance, there were not many dry eyes remaining in the audience! A huge well done to all the children involved.

Maple class trip to the Egg Theatre

Maple class recently visited the Egg Theatre in Bath to watch ‘Emil and the Detectives’. The children enjoyed watching the tremendously talented actors perform the classic children’s story.

The atmospheric theatre provided the perfect setting for a class treat after they had worked so well on their own performance earlier in the week. The interactive performance required our very own Jackson to play the character ‘Big Tuesday’ and answer the phone from the audience. He was excellent in the role of ‘Big Tuesday’, as were the rest of the class with their participation and enjoyment of the play.

Term 5 - Chelwood Camp

At the end of term 5, children from Years 3 and 4 went on a camping trip to Chelwood Scout Camp. We had three glorious, sunny days enjoying the beautiful woodland setting. On arrival, the children quickly settled into camp and relished the free time available to play on their bikes, explore the woods and cool down on the waterslide. It was fantastic to see all the children thriving in the outdoor environment; freely managing their own risk and playing freely. After a brief sleep, we set off to a local lake to kayak. All of the children loved their time on the water and showed great resilience and courage in overcoming their initial fears and reservations. We then had further time exploring and playing in the woodland playground surrounding our camp, before a slightly more substantial sleep. To end the camp, we packed away like experts and headed to the local swimming pool for a fun swim. Behaviour on camp was very impressive and the children had a wonderful time in the beautiful natural environment.

Click on the images below to see a lot more of the things that we did at Chelwood.

Term 4

We enjoyed a busy term in term 4, including book week (see whole school page) and science week (see below). We continued to use and apply our mathematical understanding in an outdoor context. In addition, we loved reading, studying and writing about Paddington Bear.

Throughout the year in forest school, we celebrate seasonal changes with cooking food. The children choose to cook pancakes. They compared the taste of pre-made pancakes to freshly cooked pancakes. Most children preferred the freshly cooked pancakes using a batter mix.

As part of our topic learning about the rainforests, we visited a local nature reserve to compare features of UK woodland to a tropical rainforest. The children especially enjoyed sampling the wild garlic that thrive in the shady UK woodland in early spring.

Maple Science Week 2019

Who can make the most aerodynamic plane?
Can we break the world record of 69m?

Exploring chemical reactions by designing and making rockets.
Which rocket will fly the highest?

Planting potatoes - which variety will be tastier in 13 weeks time?

Creating static electricity to make paper newts fly!

Term 3 in Maple Class

This term we have started to learn about rainforests. When learning about where rainforests are located, we made mud globes, with yarn to locate the parts of the world where we can find rainforests. During our forest school sessions, we used our knife and whittling skills to make hunting spears, while imagining we were in the rainforest hunting for food. When learning about the 4 layers of the rainforest, we made mixed media collages and identified the plants and animals at each layer.

As part of our normal winter forest sessions, we have built on our previous cooking experience by cooking a variety of bread based recipes over the fire, including: dampa dough, quesadillas and traditional bread dough. The class enjoyed making the dough, learning to start and maintain the fire, whittling the sticks to cook the dough and cooking watchfully over the fire (whilst managing their own risk).

We have continued to apply our classroom learning to an outdoor context in maths. Term 3 has been all about fractions. We have enjoyed learning collaboratively and creatively to set fractions problems for each other, whilst utilising concrete and pictorial resources in the outdoor setting.

Term 2 in Maple Class

Outdoor Maths


We enjoy learning outdoors as much as possible in Maple Class. We have been applying what we have learned in maths about addition, multiplication and division using concrete objects. We have loved using ‘Chunky Chalks’ to make pictorial representations of numbers.

Outdoor Science

During our science topic on light and shadow we went on a ‘tree-top’ walk using mirrors. It felt like we were walking in the tops of the trees. We had to trust our friends to guide us, so that we didn’t trip over anything!


Making Poppies


During Forest School, we each designed and made a Poppy for Remembrance Day. We used a bow saw to carefully cut a wooden disc. Then, we sanded our discs until they were smooth and painted them red, before drilling a hole into them. Finally we threaded through a piece of yarn to allow us to wear them as medallions.


Guy Fawkes

In anticipation of Guy Fawkes day, we all made a Guy Fawkes from organic materials and bought them in for a very special Forest School bonfire. We retold the story of ‘The Gunpowder Plot’ and we carried on the tradition of burning our Guy Fawkes.
Ancient Egypt  
As part of our Ancient Egypt topic, we made a ‘Pallet Pyramid’ using recycled pallets. The entrance to the pyramid was faced north and we made a small passage to ensure people could enter in and out of our pyramid!

Outdoor learning - Term 1

We have had a brilliant first term in Maple class. We enjoy all of the seasons at Longvernal and we love to incorporate the seasons into our outdoor learning. We have enjoyed some fantastic Autumnal activities so far, including: making conkers, creating calming lavender bags, comparing and discussing leaves. We have also been learning to start and build our own fires- to enable us to cook bread and keep warm on some of the chillier afternoons. We have focussed on place value in our maths lessons, using this topic as our focus when learning outdoors. We have used materials in the world around as ‘place value counters’ to help us represent and compare 3 digit and 4 digit numbers.


Year 3 and 4 Sleepover

Year 3 and 4 enjoyed a wonderful sleepover on the Longvernal grounds this week. The children were brilliantly well-behaved as they played, had a BBQ dinner and gorged on s'mores around the evening camp-fire. An evening film and hot chocolate rounded off the events for the first day before a mass sleepover in the school hall. Forest School activities continued on the second day of the sleepover, where the children cooked bread around the fire to make camp-fire hot dogs. To round off the sleepover on a high note, Maple class headed to our weekly swimming session.


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