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Welcome to Holly class.

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Term 1 2017-2018 - All About Me - Making My Mark

Term 2 2017-2018 - Let's Celebrate

Term 3 2017-2018 - Once Upon a Time...

Term 4 2017-2018 - ...and they all lived happily ever after

Term 5 2017-2018 - My World: Growing and Changing

Term 6 2016-2017 - Pirates Ahoy!

Holly Class Term 1

This term, the children have been busy getting to know one another and the adults who work in the class as well as making new friends and exploring the classroom and garden area. We have especially enjoyed painting pictures of ourselves and telling stories which we acted out with our friends for the rest of the class to enjoy.

In Forest, children have loved using the pots and pans to cook some tasty looking mud recipes and have experimented with ways of chopping windfall apples using the cooking utensils. We have also enjoyed challenging ourselves physically to scramble up and along fallen trees, and painting and mark-making with mud. One week we joined in with making mud monsters and were interested to find that, because the weather was quite warm, the following week we could still find our monsters in the wood and they had become quite hard.

Holly Class Term 2

This term, we learnt about some of the different celebrations that take place at this time of year. We made Diwali lamps from clay, which looked beautiful after they had been glazed and fired, and read a story by the light of our lamps before we took them home. After watching the Diwali story, which was told using shadow puppets, we made our own shadow puppets and explored how shadows can change.

We had lots of fun practising our hammering skills, using the hammers to knock golf tees into a pumpkin. Our hand-eye co-ordination was brilliant.

At the end of term, we read the story of Stickman and, one day, Stickman and his Stick Lady Love came to visit us in the classroom. We were shocked one morning to arrive in school and find that the classroom had become a crime scene because Stickman and his Stick Lady Love had vanished! Fortunately, Holly Class were on hand to become detectives, and whilst some children searched for and listed clues, others were hard at work making ‘lost’ posters. After looking at all the evidence, it appeared that maybe they had just gone on holiday, and happily, about a week later this was confirmed when they sent us some pictures.

In Forest we have been doing lots of mark-making using chalk and charcoal and have made some bird feeders to hang in our outside area. We have also been using potato peelers to begin to practise whittling sticks.

Holly Class Term 3

We began this term with a trip to Bristol Zoo to find out about how animals survive and keep warm in Polar Regions of the world. We found out lots of interesting facts about emperor penguins and even had the chance to practise holding eggs on our feet and pass them to one another – just like a real penguin does! Special highlights of the trip were finding the polar bear in the ice station toilet (!), eating packed lunches with all of our friends, watching feeding time for the seals and seeing the baby gorilla riding on his mother’s back.

Throughout the term we did lots of penguin themed activities – writing penguin facts, practising adding using penguins in our addition machine and rehearsing and performing a penguin dance in PE.
As part of our learning about other cultures, we also celebrated Chinese New Year. Hadley’s mum came into the class to talk about some of the ways in which Chinese New Year is celebrated in China, and brought us some delicious dumplings to taste as well as bringing some craft activities for us to try. We then invited our parents and relatives into the class to tell them about what we had learnt and to enable them to have a go at some crafts with us and to sample some of the dumplings themselves. We loved all the bright colours and the delicious food.

In Forest, we practised lots of tool skills – whittling, sawing and drilling - and used these skills to create wood elves and wooden cookie penguins. We also practised building fires and ended the term by toasting marshmallows.

Holy Class Term 4

Our topic this term was ‘Beware! Mr Wolf’ so we read lots of wolf stories and found out some interesting facts about wolves. We thought a wolf might have been in our garden area, after finding a den and some bones there, and decided to write to superheroes to ask them for help. It was very exciting when they wrote back, and they even asked the wolf to visit the class to talk to us and tell us his side of the Little Red Riding Hood and Three Little Pigs stories. Some of us thought the wolf was telling the truth, but some of us were not very sure…

In maths, we fed lots of pigs to the wolf so that we could practise our subtraction skills and we’ve been writing stories –as a whole class, contributing a sentence each, as well as all writing our own fairytales.

In Forest, we practised our hammering and weaving to make hearts for Mothers’ Day, built fires and cooked damper bread seasoned with wild garlic, planted the wellies on our welly wall with lots of edible goodies and enjoyed pond dipping. In the pond this year, we’ve found lots of frogspawn and tadpoles as well as water boatmen, pond skaters, dragonfly nymphs and midge larvae.

At the very end of term, we invited our families into school to join us for a maths trail and Easter egg hunt. This was an opportunity for us to show off our brilliant maths work and to demonstrate how we represent our calculations in Early Years.

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