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Holly Class [Reception]

Welcome to Holly class.

Topic Webs:

Term 1 2018-2019 - Marvellous Me!

Term 2 2018-2019 - Celebrations and Traditions

Term 3 2017-2018 - Once Upon a Time...

Term 4 2017-2018 - ...and they all lived happily ever after

Term 5 2017-2018 - My World: Growing and Changing

Term 6 2017-2018 - Wild World

Hello and welcome to Holly Class!

We have had a great start to the school year, everyone has settled in very well.

The teaching team in Holly Class this year is: Miss Nash, Mrs Williams, Mrs Langan and Miss Parfitt.

Our topic for Term 1 is 'Marvellous Me!', throughout the term we will learn lots about ourselves and our families. We have already begun by completing lots of exciting activities; such as, painting self-portraits and participating in circle times to get to know our new friends and the adults that work in Holly Class.

Some useful information:

We have forest school on Monday mornings, please send your child to school in non-school uniform ready for forest (please ensure they have long trousers and long sleeves). All children should have waterproofs and wellies in school at all times.

We have PE on a Wednesday morning, all children should have a full PE kit in school (top, shorts and trainers).
All children should also have a pair of slippers and a spare change of clothes in school (a complete set including underwear and socks please).

Term 1

We have had a very long and busy, but exciting first term in school!

Throughout this term, the children have made many new friendships as they have been playing and learning together. We have been exploring the indoor and outdoor areas of our classroom as well as completing some fun activities to progress our knowledge and understanding, including learning some exciting new phonic sounds!

As a class, we have especially enjoyed painting self-portraits, baking cookies and decorating them with faces, practicing writing our new phonic sounds on the playground and describing the texture of different fruits (obviously, the best part was getting to try the different fruits after!).

We also particularly like being active! We LOVE ‘Jump Start Jonny’ and ‘GoNoodle’ activities between structured learning time to get us moving and help us to remain focused, as well as our PE and forest school lessons.

During our last week of term, we have been getting into the Halloween spirit by making Rice Krispies pumpkins and hammering golf tees into pumpkins, practicing our hammering skills and testing our hand-eye co-ordination.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, very well-deserved half term and I look forward to Term 2 where we will start to learn our Nativity play!

Here are some pictures of our first 2 weeks...

Please watch this space for more updates and pictures, I am looking forward to an exciting and busy term ahead!

Terms 3 & 4

In terms 3 and 4, we read lots of traditional tales and were particularly enthusiastic about acting out the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ – building houses and walls in our outdoor construction area and then seeing if we could blow them down! We used this story for most of our maths during these terms, using our adding machine to help us to find out how many pigs we had altogether in the houses whilst Mr Wolf came along to eat pigs and help us with subtraction.

We worked really hard to make beautiful framed portraits of one of the bears from Goldilocks and the Three Bears and made warning signs and wanted posters for different Fairytale characters.

Children were very excited to receive a letter from the Shoemaker, who told us that he is swamped with work since the elves left, and helped him by designing and making their own shoe. We looked at photos of lots of different shoes and children then made their own, choosing the heel height and how they would like to decorate it. We loved the animal-inspired shoes and those that had rocket boosters attached!

This term, we also did lots of experimenting with clay, making and glazing clay pots for Mother’s Day and chicks for Easter, where we explored creating pattern and texture in the clay.

Terms 1 & 2

Over these terms, the children have been busy getting to know one another and the adults who work in the class as well as making new friends and exploring the classroom and garden area. We have especially enjoyed painting pictures of ourselves and practising our hammering skills, using the hammers to knock golf tees into a pumpkin. Our hand-eye co-ordination was brilliant.

In our playing and exploring, lots of us have enjoyed playing with bricks to build towers and enclosures, creating using craft materials and we have also had fun experimenting with making our own books that contain flaps and sliders. In our outside area, we have done lots of mark-making using different media and have explored different potion making ingredients!

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