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Holly Class [Reception]

Welcome to Holly class.

Topic Webs:

Term 1 2018-2019 - Marvellous Me!

Term 2 2018-2019 - Celebrations and Traditions

Term 3 2018-2019 - Traditional Tales

Term 4 2018-2019 - People who Help Us

Term 5 2017-2018 - My World: Growing and Changing

Term 6 2017-2018 - Wild World

Hello and welcome to Holly Class!

We have had a great start to the school year, everyone has settled in very well.

The teaching team in Holly Class this year is: Miss Nash, Mrs Williams, Mrs Langan and Miss Parfitt.

Our topic for Term 1 is 'Marvellous Me!', throughout the term we will learn lots about ourselves and our families. We have already begun by completing lots of exciting activities; such as, painting self-portraits and participating in circle times to get to know our new friends and the adults that work in Holly Class.

Some useful information:

We have forest school on Monday mornings, please send your child to school in non-school uniform ready for forest (please ensure they have long trousers and long sleeves). All children should have waterproofs and wellies in school at all times.

We have PE on a Wednesday morning, all children should have a full PE kit in school (top, shorts and trainers).
All children should also have a pair of slippers and a spare change of clothes in school (a complete set including underwear and socks please).

Term 3

We have had a very exciting Term 3 in Holly Class; I cannot believe we are already half way through the year!

Throughout this term, we have been reading and exploring Traditional Tales.

Firstly, we explored ‘The Three Little Pigs’. In Literacy, we talked about what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story and drew story maps, then added labels. We liked the idea of building a new house for the Three Little Pigs so we split into groups and attempted to build some, we discussed how we could try and make them safe so that the Big Bad Wolf could not get in! We also had a great time reading a non-fiction book about pigs, we found out lots of facts! You might like to ask your child what a male/female pig is called…

We also went on a big shape and number hunt outdoors (finding shapes as impressive as pentagons!) and explored various musical instruments, discovering new sounds and how we can change them.

Secondly, we read ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We discussed what Little Red Riding Hood had in her picnic basket before debating what we could put in a picnic basket of our own. We decided a firm favourite was jam sandwiches! Therefore, we wrote instructions for how to make a jam sandwich, then we followed the instructions to make a jam sandwich of our own. Obviously, the best part was getting to eat it afterwards!! In Maths, we introduced ‘the adding machine’, we added food from two picnic baskets together in the adding machine and then counted the total amount of food!

The children displayed impressive technology skills when programming Beebots to reach a given end destination, they really enjoyed pressing ‘go’ on the Beebots and watching to see if they made it to the correct end destination – needless to say we had some big celebrations!

Our last two weeks of term consisted of exploring ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’! This topic began with an unexpected event, as the children returned from their lunchbreak to find the classroom in a big mess! They were very determined to find who had broken into the classroom, they couldn’t wait to collect evidence and predict who it could have been! We concluded, based on the evidence collected, that it must have been Goldilocks!

As a result, we had many children eager to find Goldilocks! After a discussion, we decided that we could make WANTED posters and put them up around the classroom and outdoor area.

In maths, we ordered the length of beds and explored capacity! We ended the term by practising our amazing artistic skills, creating pig, wolf and bear portraits – they were so good that Miss Nash is going to create a new display!!

In addition, we learnt about Chinese New Year! A big THANK YOU to our lovely parent helper who came in to talk to us!

Finally, this term we have had a big focus on health and self-care, we learnt how and when to wash our hands properly to ensure we reduce the spread of germs! Furthermore, we learnt about looking after our bodies and keeping ourselves healthy and clean, as well as, learning about how healthy eating, regular exercise and good sleep contribute to good health.

Term 2

We have had another busy, but lovely second term in Holly Class!

Throughout this term, the children have continued to develop and extend friendships, whilst also showing great progress in their academic subjects!

We began the term on the topic of Bonfire Night, discussing how our families celebrated bonfire night and the need for safety around fireworks, each child then designed a firework safety poster. We also painted firework pictures in forest school using sticks and created firework pictures in class using different materials – our favourite was printing with paint and cut kitchen roll tubes, then adding glitter!

During the second week of term our topic was based around Remembrance Day. We discussed Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies, creating remember posters in Literacy and ordering the height of poppies in Maths! We also explored different materials and created our own poppies!

Moving on through the term, we began to look at the ‘Room on the Broom’ book. The children absolutely LOVED this book and most of them knew the story off by heart by the end of the three weeks we spent on it completing different activities! The children especially enjoyed joining in with repeated refrains within the story, dressing up as characters from the story and role-playing some of the main events, sequencing events in the story and creating story maps. Not to mention making our very own wands in forest school!!

In maths, we have explored positional language, explored numbers and focused on number recognition, began to represent numbers in pictorial form and worked on finding one more and one less than a given number! In addition, we began using Numicon and have now moved onto money to pay for our snacks at snack time, beginning to explore the language of money and recognising coins (the children REALLY enjoy this) and we learnt about the Jewish festival ‘Hanukkah’!

It would also be impossible to forget Mr T leading one of our forest school lessons and helping us toast marshmallows on the campfire… we had so much fun!

In our last two weeks of term we put on a FANTASTIC Nativity Play, Miss Nash and, in fact, the whole school was very proud of every one of us! We have also written letters to Santa and created Christmas Cards and Gifts for our families!

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing you all again in Term 3 for lots more fun and learning!

Term 1

We have had a very long and busy, but exciting first term in school!

Throughout this term, the children have made many new friendships as they have been playing and learning together. We have been exploring the indoor and outdoor areas of our classroom as well as completing some fun activities to progress our knowledge and understanding, including learning some exciting new phonic sounds!

As a class, we have especially enjoyed painting self-portraits, baking cookies and decorating them with faces, practicing writing our new phonic sounds on the playground and describing the texture of different fruits (obviously, the best part was getting to try the different fruits after!).

We also particularly like being active! We LOVE ‘Jump Start Jonny’ and ‘GoNoodle’ activities between structured learning time to get us moving and help us to remain focused, as well as our PE and forest school lessons.

During our last week of term, we have been getting into the Halloween spirit by making Rice Krispies pumpkins and hammering golf tees into pumpkins, practicing our hammering skills and testing our hand-eye co-ordination.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, very well-deserved half term and I look forward to Term 2 where we will start to learn our Nativity play!

Here are some pictures of our first 2 weeks...

Please watch this space for more updates and pictures, I am looking forward to an exciting and busy term ahead!

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