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Holly Class [Reception]

Welcome to Holly class.

Topic Webs:

Term 1 2018-2019: Marvellous Me!

Term 2 2018-2019: Celebrations and Traditions

Term 3 2018-2019: Traditional Tales

Term 4 2018-2019: People who Help Us

Term 5 2018-2019: Minibeasts

Term 6 2018-2019: Under the Sea

Hello and welcome to Holly Class!

We have had a great start to the school year, everyone has settled in very well.

The teaching team in Holly Class this year is: Miss Nash, Mrs Williams, Mrs Langan and Miss Parfitt.

Our topic for Term 1 is 'Marvellous Me!', throughout the term we will learn lots about ourselves and our families. We have already begun by completing lots of exciting activities; such as, painting self-portraits and participating in circle times to get to know our new friends and the adults that work in Holly Class.

Some useful information:

We have forest school on Monday mornings, please send your child to school in non-school uniform ready for forest (please ensure they have long trousers and long sleeves). All children should have waterproofs and wellies in school at all times.

We have PE on a Wednesday morning, all children should have a full PE kit in school (top, shorts and trainers).
All children should also have a pair of slippers and a spare change of clothes in school (a complete set including underwear and socks please).

Term 6

Our final topic of the year has been ‘Under the Sea’. The children have explored this topic with great enthusiasm and have loved learning about different parts of the sea and under the sea creatures.

To inspire our writing, we have been watching short informative video clips and reading non-fiction books about under the sea. Firstly, we all wrote a question that we would like to find out about under the sea creatures. Secondly, we wrote facts that we had learnt about under the sea creatures and lastly, we explored submarines and then imagined getting into a submarine and going to a specific part of the sea (Arctic Sea, Tropical Sea or the Deep Sea) and recorded what creatures we might see. The children used their phonic knowledge fantastically well whilst completing their writing. The progress they have made in both reading and writing this year is incredible, we are all super proud of every one of them!

In Maths, we have been consolidating our knowledge of addition and subtraction and continuing to explore shape, space and measure. The children particularly enjoyed learning to measure short periods of time by timing their peers completing short running races on stopwatches.

Furthermore, in PE we have enjoyed being outdoors testing and improving our ball skills. We have participated in activities such as; throwing and catching balls, dribbling balls and shooting at targets, using hockey sticks to control balls, throwing balls into basketball hoops and throwing balls through targets at different heights. We also had great fun practising for and participating in our first Sports Day!

In Forest School, we have been learning how to whittle carrots in preparation for whittling sticks in later years.

Finally, we have had lots of fun in the arts and crafts area this term! Firstly, the children made stained glass window under the sea creatures to help decorate our classroom window. Then they created under the sea animals from paper plates. The results were fantastic and they are now proudly on display in the classroom!

I honestly cannot believe we are at the end of the school year already. I could not have asked for a better class to complete my first year of teaching. Together we have learnt a lot and I am incredibly proud of the progress every child has made. I would also like to say thank you to all parents and carers, your continued support and hard work at home has been amazing! I cannot wait to see this class continue to flourish in Year 1!

Term 5

It has been a short but busy, successful and exciting term in Holly Class.

This term, our topic has been ‘Minibeasts’ and we began the term with some wriggly visitors… our very own class caterpillars! The children carefully observed their life cycle as they metamorphose into butterflies. After enjoying our butterflies for a few amazing days, watching them emerge from their chrysalis, learn to fly and drink nectar and juice from fruit, it was time to let them go. We had one last fantastic treat when some of the butterflies allowed us to hold them before they safely flew away!

After learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and learning lots of facts about minibeasts the children completed some amazing writing! Not to mention their fantastic creations in the arts and crafts area!

On Thursday 2nd May, Holly Class travelled to Chew Valley Animal Park. The children absolutely loved exploring the park, observing the animals and learning interesting facts about them! The amazing experiences didn’t stop there, we then got to go into a building with baby goats, we enjoyed watching them run and jump around us and we were delighted when we were allowed to pet and cuddle them! Next, we visited the ‘cuddle corner’ where we held baby rabbits, chicks, mice, tortoises, hedgehogs and guinea pigs. During the afternoon, we went into the wallaby enclosure, fed willow to camels and petted piglets before having a tour around the rest of the animal park. The children were full of enthusiasm, they asked intriguing questions and learnt some interesting facts! It was safe to say, after such a busy day, we had some very tired children on the coach journey home! This was a truly amazing school trip and again, the children’s behaviour was exemplary. You all represented Longvernal fantastically!

Continuing with our learning about good health and healthy eating, this term we have continued to water our vegetable garden and in the final week of term we were able to harvest the first of our vegetables, some of our radishes! The children were so pleased and enjoyed trying some during snack time. We also made fruit kebabs, using seven different fruits! Every single child tried the different fruits, making us very proud!

We have also explored ‘The Bog Baby’ book this term, learning all about bog babies, what they look like, what they like to do, where they live and discussed things we would like to find out about them. The children have completed some fantastic writing based around bog babies and created some bog babies of their our own in the arts and crafts area using a wet felting technique!

In maths, we have been exploring doubling, halving and sharing using different minibeasts to help us. We have also been beginning to learn to count in 10s, 2s and 5s. Impressive!

Finally, in forest school we have been participating in some fun forest school games in small groups and going on minibeast hunts. We found some very interesting minibeasts and observed them closely, ensuring that we showed care and concern for the living minibeasts.

Term 4

Holly Class have truly blossomed during Term 4.

Throughout the term, we have been learning all about ‘People Who Help Us’. Our hospital role play area has proven to be very popular, children have worked together to act out narratives and recreate roles and experiences in play situations.

We began the topic by discussing and sharing our ideas about people we thought could help us. To expand on our own ideas, we explored numerous non-fiction books about people who can help us, discovering information about lots of different jobs. We then wrote lists of different people who can help us.

We had a fantastic second week of term as we participated in many different activities as part of Book Week. As a class, we specifically focused on the well-known author Julia Donaldson and explored many of her engaging books. We made some AMAZING bookworm bookmarks, the children were delighted with their finished bookmarks and couldn’t wait to use them in their reading books! In addition, the children designed alternative book covers for the story ‘Room on the Broom’. The most exciting part of book week had to be World Book Day, the children all dressed up as their favourite book characters, producing some amazing costumes! Again, the children amazed all who watched the book week assembly with their lovely singing and actions during our ‘People Who Help Us’ songs.

As part of British Science Week, Holly Class enjoyed an educational science story with Cassandra Wye. The story was very engaging and the children were mesmerised throughout, we particularly enjoyed looking at and touching the moon. As a class, we also carried out various science experiments, including, a floating and sinking experiment, a dyed flowers experiment and a chromatography experiment.

As part of our cross-curricular learning we went on our first school trip to The Egg Theatre to watch ‘How To Catch A Star’. The children were mesmerised by the puppet show performance and have since been enthusiastically discussing what happened during the performance. Even the coach journey proved to be a great experience as children were eager to locate and name places and animals they could see along the way, using some great descriptive and positional vocabulary! This was an extremely enjoyable first school trip for the class and behaviour was exemplary. The children represented Longvernal Primary School amazingly and made staff feel very proud, we cannot wait for our next school trip!

As part of our topic, we have also had lots of visitors come into Holly Class to talk
about their jobs. Firstly, we had a visit from Sophie who works as a call handler dispatching ambulances. Secondly, two paramedics, Emma and Sarah taught us all about their job and how they help many different people. Our third visitor, Becky, taught us all about her job as a carer. Our fourth visitor, Sarah, taught us all about her job as a nurse. Our fifth visitor, Alex, taught us all about his job in the Army. Our sixth visitor, PCSO Samways, taught us all about his job and let us become junior police officers! Our final visitor, Philippa, taught us all about her job as a project manager in a bank and helped us to plan a party! Thank you very much to all our visitors, the children loved learning about different jobs and have since produced some fantastic writing around what they would like to be when they grow up and why.

In maths, we have been learning about subtraction, introducing and discussing the subtraction sign and learning to count back to find our answer. In PE, we have been mastering gymnastics and have had great fun trying out our new gym equipment, especially the new climbing frame!

Finally, as part of learning about healthy eating, this term we have worked to clear and prepare our ‘Holly Class Vegetable Garden’ and have recently planted vegetables of our own that we take it in turns to water daily. We will continue this into Term 5 and look closely for any changes!

Our Trip to The Egg Theatre, Bath

On Wednesday 20th March, Holly Class travelled to The Egg Theatre to watch ‘How To Catch A Star’ based on a book by the award-winning author Oliver Jeffers. The children were mesmerised by the puppet show performance and have since been enthusiastically discussing what happened during the performance. Even the coach journey proved to be a great experience as children were eager to locate and name places and animals they could see along the way, using some great descriptive and positional vocabulary! We also had numerous games of ‘eye spy’! This was an extremely enjoyable first school trip for the class and behaviour was exemplary. The children represented Longvernal Primary School amazingly and made staff feel very proud, we cannot wait for our next school trip!

Term 3

We have had a very exciting Term 3 in Holly Class; I cannot believe we are already half way through the year!

Throughout this term, we have been reading and exploring Traditional Tales.

Firstly, we explored ‘The Three Little Pigs’. In Literacy, we talked about what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story and drew story maps, then added labels. We liked the idea of building a new house for the Three Little Pigs so we split into groups and attempted to build some, we discussed how we could try and make them safe so that the Big Bad Wolf could not get in! We also had a great time reading a non-fiction book about pigs, we found out lots of facts! You might like to ask your child what a male/female pig is called…

We also went on a big shape and number hunt outdoors (finding shapes as impressive as pentagons!) and explored various musical instruments, discovering new sounds and how we can change them.

Secondly, we read ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We discussed what Little Red Riding Hood had in her picnic basket before debating what we could put in a picnic basket of our own. We decided a firm favourite was jam sandwiches! Therefore, we wrote instructions for how to make a jam sandwich, then we followed the instructions to make a jam sandwich of our own. Obviously, the best part was getting to eat it afterwards!! In Maths, we introduced ‘the adding machine’, we added food from two picnic baskets together in the adding machine and then counted the total amount of food!

The children displayed impressive technology skills when programming Beebots to reach a given end destination, they really enjoyed pressing ‘go’ on the Beebots and watching to see if they made it to the correct end destination – needless to say we had some big celebrations!

Our last two weeks of term consisted of exploring ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’! This topic began with an unexpected event, as the children returned from their lunchbreak to find the classroom in a big mess! They were very determined to find who had broken into the classroom, they couldn’t wait to collect evidence and predict who it could have been! We concluded, based on the evidence collected, that it must have been Goldilocks!

As a result, we had many children eager to find Goldilocks! After a discussion, we decided that we could make WANTED posters and put them up around the classroom and outdoor area.

In maths, we ordered the length of beds and explored capacity! We ended the term by practising our amazing artistic skills, creating pig, wolf and bear portraits – they were so good that Miss Nash is going to create a new display!!

In addition, we learnt about Chinese New Year! A big THANK YOU to our lovely parent helper who came in to talk to us!

Finally, this term we have had a big focus on health and self-care, we learnt how and when to wash our hands properly to ensure we reduce the spread of germs! Furthermore, we learnt about looking after our bodies and keeping ourselves healthy and clean, as well as, learning about how healthy eating, regular exercise and good sleep contribute to good health.

Term 2

We have had another busy, but lovely second term in Holly Class!

Throughout this term, the children have continued to develop and extend friendships, whilst also showing great progress in their academic subjects!

We began the term on the topic of Bonfire Night, discussing how our families celebrated bonfire night and the need for safety around fireworks, each child then designed a firework safety poster. We also painted firework pictures in forest school using sticks and created firework pictures in class using different materials – our favourite was printing with paint and cut kitchen roll tubes, then adding glitter!

During the second week of term our topic was based around Remembrance Day. We discussed Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies, creating remember posters in Literacy and ordering the height of poppies in Maths! We also explored different materials and created our own poppies!

Moving on through the term, we began to look at the ‘Room on the Broom’ book. The children absolutely LOVED this book and most of them knew the story off by heart by the end of the three weeks we spent on it completing different activities! The children especially enjoyed joining in with repeated refrains within the story, dressing up as characters from the story and role-playing some of the main events, sequencing events in the story and creating story maps. Not to mention making our very own wands in forest school!!

In maths, we have explored positional language, explored numbers and focused on number recognition, began to represent numbers in pictorial form and worked on finding one more and one less than a given number! In addition, we began using Numicon and have now moved onto money to pay for our snacks at snack time, beginning to explore the language of money and recognising coins (the children REALLY enjoy this) and we learnt about the Jewish festival ‘Hanukkah’!

It would also be impossible to forget Mr T leading one of our forest school lessons and helping us toast marshmallows on the campfire… we had so much fun!

In our last two weeks of term we put on a FANTASTIC Nativity Play, Miss Nash and, in fact, the whole school was very proud of every one of us! We have also written letters to Santa and created Christmas Cards and Gifts for our families!

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing you all again in Term 3 for lots more fun and learning!

Term 1

We have had a very long and busy, but exciting first term in school!

Throughout this term, the children have made many new friendships as they have been playing and learning together. We have been exploring the indoor and outdoor areas of our classroom as well as completing some fun activities to progress our knowledge and understanding, including learning some exciting new phonic sounds!

As a class, we have especially enjoyed painting self-portraits, baking cookies and decorating them with faces, practicing writing our new phonic sounds on the playground and describing the texture of different fruits (obviously, the best part was getting to try the different fruits after!).

We also particularly like being active! We LOVE ‘Jump Start Jonny’ and ‘GoNoodle’ activities between structured learning time to get us moving and help us to remain focused, as well as our PE and forest school lessons.

During our last week of term, we have been getting into the Halloween spirit by making Rice Krispies pumpkins and hammering golf tees into pumpkins, practicing our hammering skills and testing our hand-eye co-ordination.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, very well-deserved half term and I look forward to Term 2 where we will start to learn our Nativity play!

Here are some pictures of our first 2 weeks...

Please watch this space for more updates and pictures, I am looking forward to an exciting and busy term ahead!


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