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Chestnut Class [Year 2]

Welcome to Chestnut class.

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Term 1 2018-2019 - Happy Families

Term 2 2018-2019 - Let's Celebrate

Term 3 2017-2018 - Castle Quest

Term 4 2017-2018 - Castle Quest

Term 5 2017-2018 - The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Term 6 2017-2018 - She Sells Sea Shells on the Sea Shore!

Chestnut Class - Our First Term

What a lovely first term we have had! Chestnut Class have really settled into Year 2.
We have continued to enjoy P.E sessions outside learning multi skills in throwing and catching which has developed into using tennis rackets and hockey sticks to control balls in different ways.
We have been learning about lifecycles in Topic, including the interesting life cycle of the butterfly. In English, we retold the story of The Cautious Caterpillar and enjoyed it so much that we went on to learn all about symmetry when creating our own butterflies for a display in school. We were amazed at the short video we watched about the Woolly Bear Caterpillar in the artic which takes 14 years to complete its lifecycle and change into a butterfly!

We have really enjoyed our singing assemblies with Mrs Thomson and it was great fun walking down to Methodist Church in Midsomer Norton to perform our songs at the Harvest Festival.
It was made extra special by the display of Longvernal’s Harvest Art in the church. Chestnut Class collected lots of different leaves in Forest. We created our own ‘leaf animals’ which included rabbits, butterflies and even a chameleon!

We have received letters this term from ‘Little Mouse’, our shy new friend at Longvernal Primary who tells us he lives in the KS1 corridor. The children have really enjoyed finding and replying to his letters and telling him all about what they get up to after school! We haven’t caught sight of him yet (although some children are sure they have heard a squeaking behind Miss Stead’s desk!) but we are hoping to receive more letters next term…!

Chestnut Class - Our First Week

What a lovely first week we have had! Chestnut Class have enjoyed circle time games outside with lots of ‘getting to know you’ team activities.
Our new Year 2’s have settled very quickly into their new classroom and new routines with Miss Stead.

Making the most of the good weather, we have enjoyed P.E. sessions outside learning multi skills in throwing and catching which ended in team games of King of the Castle. There is already a lovely team spirit in Chestnut Class so we very much enjoyed working together in improving our ball skills.

On their return to school, Chestnut Class were very happy to explore the Forest once again! During their first Forest session with Miss Leyman they played games of Leaf Snap and created their own forest areas using only resources from the nature around them. Their team work shone yet again!


Chestnut Class loved recreating the Great Fire of London during Forest School. We had a fantastic discussion about why the houses burnt so quickly, properties of materials and general fire safety.

Chestnut Class Term 3 Update

In Term 3 we welcomed Miss Stead to the Chestnut Class team!
Miss Stead has implemented our new ‘Creative Writing’ lessons in Chestnut class. Each week the children are given a stimulus (whether it be a video or an image) to inspire them and have been exploring different writing genres such as alternative endings and character description. The children have really enjoyed the freedom of writing creatively… especially as the work is only marked with a tickled pink pen!

Our Castle Quest Topic began with the children exploring the features of castles which proved useful for their half term challenge of creating their own castles. Thank you so much – their magic has filled the classroom and spilled out into the learning corridor.

The children have had lots of fun making crowns for circle time and role play to discuss what makes a ‘true’ prince or princess. They shared lots of ideas about what make someone a good person.

They have also made these beautiful crowns by layering colourful tissue paper for a ‘stained glass’ effect – they have really cheered up our windows!

The children drew and described their own mythical creatures. They then used these creatures to write incredible stories, character descriptions and instructional writing on how to catch their creature! The work even influenced an artistic afternoon making dragons for the ceiling…!

Our Castle Quest Topic has been so enjoyable that we have decided to carry it on into Term 4 with lots of exciting things planned….watch this space!

End of Term 2 2017

Chestnut Class have been busy this term learning how to draw and record data in tally charts and pictograms. They also enjoyed using the tools to make their Christmas decorations.

Term 2 2017

We have had a busy start to the new Term. During maths week, Chestnut Class spent a morning busily problem solving to find out who the ‘mystery marshmallow muncher’ was. They had to apply all their maths skills so far, including their knowledge of place value and addition and subtraction.

In Forest School this term, we are going to be practising our tool work whilst beginning to make Christmas decorations. It is never too early to start Christmas preparations! Our first project: whittling sticks to make a wooden Father Christmas. Watch this space!

Chestnut Class are enjoying learning about the Great Fire of London. Thank you for all the amazing houses created for the home learning challenge. Pudding Lane is looking pretty impressive.

Term 1 2017

Chestnut class enjoyed creating their harvest art pictures, which were displayed in the Methodist Church during our Harvest Festival.

In Forest, we loved carving funny faces into the large apples which had fallen on to the ground.

We have also been busy learning how to collect and record data in tally charts.

Chestnut Class have settled into the routines of Year 2 really quickly. They have been showing off their maths skills and understanding of place value using different resources.

We’ve also had fun in the forest, getting wet and muddy and then enjoying a delicious hot chocolate!

We also enjoyed listening to poems written and read by James Carter.

In Forest this term, we have made photo frames using sticks and square lashing. We have created natural art pictures to go inside. We have also practised building and lighting mini fires. To link with maths we have made tally charts by collecting natural objects. We have taken this back into class and answered questions based on the information found in the forest. To end the term, we whittled sticks and made yummy s’mores they were delicious!

The children have really enjoyed learning about Arctic animals and have written some fantastic non-chronological reports - we look forward to sharing these with you at the next parents’ evening. The children have also enjoyed making penguin pompoms and pictures with a moving sledge.

The children have come back from the Christmas holiday refreshed and ready to go. To begin our topic Frozen Lands we took a trip to Bristol Zoo. What a great way to start the term! The children were fantastic ambassadors, their behaviour and manners were excellent. We got to explore the zoo and go on an expedition to the South Pole during the Frozen Lands workshop.
Click on the image to see more pictures of our trip!

Our Christmas Nativity this year was called ‘Read All About It’, written by our very own Miss Ashdown. Our play was a huge success due to the children working so hard, spending hours rehearsing. They learnt their lines and delivered them superbly. A huge thank you must go to Kate and Donna for all their help with scenery and props. Also, to Tom Courtier, for organising the sound and lighting. We hope you all enjoyed the performance.

With all the excitement of Christmas, we have been learning how to use tools safely in the forest. This includes bow saws to cut wooden medallions and hand drills to make holes, which could have wool threaded through. These created some fantastic hanging Christmas decorations.

We have also been lucky enough to collect apples, use a real apple press and make juice. We all enjoyed sitting in the forest area to taste!

In forest, children have enjoyed pond dipping and identifying bugs and creatures found in that area. They have also enjoyed putting up shelters and learning to tie knots to secure them. The children then added a few home comforts, seating areas, log fires and even gave their new homes a name. ‘Iggy’ was a strong favourite and it was an absolute joy to be given a guided tour followed by a sausage sandwich for lunch (sticks wrapped in leaves!).

Chestnut class have been fortunate enough to venture to Norton Hill on a Thursday afternoon for computer science sessions with Mr Martin.
We started by learning how to log on to our own workstations, then thinking about the importance of having a sequence and putting things into the correct order. We then started work, following instructions, to build our own robotic Rover. After they were built, we could begin programming the Rover so that he could go to Mars and explore. The children had great fun and it was incredibly exciting when our Rovers started to move!
Click on the image to see more pictures.

Making bread on the fire was a huge success. We had lots of thumbs up for lemon curd as well as jam. Most managed to go back for seconds!

After making and filming using iPads, the children have been busy back in class this week writing instructions for making bread on the fire and most have tried to include a few of our top safety tips! Look out for these in English books at parent's evening!

Welcome to Chestnut Class

The children from Chestnut class have come back with great enthusiasm and energy. I am looking forward to an exciting and busy term ahead. The children have settled in very well and started the ground running with what is a demanding year.
We are looking forward to Harvest and creating art work using materials both inside and out!
Next week the children in Chestnut will become 'outdoor TV chefs', making bread on the fire and recording their 'shows' using iMovie.
As part of our topic, Magical Me, we will be thinking about our hopes, dreams and ambitions. We will be bottling our dreams for our BFG inspired display.
Watch this space for updates and pictures.

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